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 Big Brother 20í Spoilers: Houseguests Move In & Game On

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PostSubject: Big Brother 20í Spoilers: Houseguests Move In & Game On   June 22nd 2018, 8:52 am

Not really any spoilers. Go to link for full article.

Our first Big Brother 20 spoilers with the Houseguests in action have arrived! Weíve got our early deals for the BB20 premiere next week since the debut episode was filmed yesterday before a live audience before being shuffled quickly out the door.

Details came in from both EvelDick and HamsterWatch confirming our 16 Houseguests, and no one else, were sent in the front door. And as for the order of arrival, sounds like it was Bayleigh Dayton who entered the Big Brother house first. The first-in curse is real!

Typically in the premiere episode, we get to see the HOH comp since we need to get that part of the game up and going quickly, and Iím sure weíll have that happen again this time too but the audience didnít get to stick around yesterday. ED mentioned the audience was escorted out quickly and HW noted that happened before the HOH comp got started.

Production probably wanted to make sure none of those details were spoiled, but Iíll also nervously mention that last yearís late addition to the roster, Vet Paul Abrahamian, didnít arrive until later at the start of the season. So you never know, but letís keep our fingers crossed in the meantime.
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Big Brother 20í Spoilers: Houseguests Move In & Game On
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