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 Survivor Game Changers: Caleb Reynolds Wants to Settle Some "Unfinished Business

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PostSubject: Survivor Game Changers: Caleb Reynolds Wants to Settle Some "Unfinished Business   February 21st 2017, 6:08 pm

Survivor Game Changers: Caleb Reynolds Wants to Settle Some "Unfinished Business"

Caleb Reynolds (Kaoh Rong): Iím excited. This is a blessing, after what happened last time with me, to get the opportunity to play again, and not even that long after. It feels great to have another chance at the title of Sole Survivor.

Caleb is best known to some as the Beast Mode Cowboy of Big Brother 16, and better known to Survivor fans as the guy who almost died fighting for salt and pepper during Season 32. It sounds dramatic, but itís true: Calebís place in Survivor history boils down to a boiling hot day and a brutal challenge, with three tribes competing for reward, and three separate players beaten down by the heat, Amy OíHara style: Brawny badass Cydney Gillon, Brainy multi-hyphenate Debbie Wanner, and Caleb, who was in such rough condition that he was medically evacuated from the game. In a previous interview, Caleb outlined his recovery process in great detail. A few months later, during our interview in Fiji, Caleb says his body is only just now fully recovered from what he endured in Kaoh Rong.

Caleb Reynolds (Kaoh Rong): It was tough, man. Once your body is completely drained of pretty much everything you have, and your muscles are basically soaked dry of water and protein, itís tough to put back on. Iím just now a year later about at my average weight. Itís taken about a year to put everything back on naturally, just by eating, lifting heavily, staying focused. But I was drained from everything.

Clearly, the experience didnít deter Caleb from coming back out to Survivor, little more than a year after his time out in Cambodia.

rest of article at the link
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Survivor Game Changers: Caleb Reynolds Wants to Settle Some "Unfinished Business
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