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 Happy New Year!

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PostSubject: Happy New Year!   January 4th 2012, 1:25 am

It has been a crazy 2011 for my family so we were very happy to ride it out quietly waiting for a rinse and renew for 2012. I have been quiet, sorry, missed you guys. I hope the Mayans are wrong - I am not ready for this year to be our last! LOL

Long and short of it - 2011 started off with Dad being diagnosed with prostate cancer and starting his battle against that. Seems to be doing well but still dealing with the nasty hotflash like side effects and who knows whatelse is ailing him as he is pretty quiet about the pitfalls. Mom has been in and out of the hospital for the last 2 years for various nasties most recently 2 weeks before Christmas for a removal of a large ulser in her stomach and esophogus and insertion of a feeding tube - she is healing and experiencing some major issues with her feeding tube but getting better everyday. Most shocking of all - my rock - Jeff was having some breathing issues off and on for a little while but refused to go see the doctor. Finally got him to conceed to a visit to the ER one morning after realizing that he had not slept overnight and was still having issues breathing. Five days in CCU with blood pressures 240+/130+ and various medications not working - we have him home and on the path to low sodium lifestyle, constant watch of his heart and kidneys as they suffered damage and 4 or 5 blood pressure meds. We quit smoking and who knows whatelse God has in store for us. 2011 was a little rougher than we had bargained for when we rang it in - hoping that 2012 brings us and all the people around us (especially here) some peace and happiness.

I have missed you folks.....hope all is well here with everyone.

PS - wow you gals/guys have been busy trying to catch up on all the information. Good luck to Brendon and Rachel!
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PostSubject: Re: Happy New Year!   January 4th 2012, 2:40 am

Oh my. You must be very strong to be able to keep it together through all of that.
I wish you all the best luck and hope life gets easier for you honeybee
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PostSubject: Re: Happy New Year!   January 4th 2012, 4:59 am

We have missed you too. I hope 2012 is easier for you and your family. That's a lot to deal with for sure.
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PostSubject: Re: Happy New Year!   January 4th 2012, 5:56 am


2011 was definitely not a good year for you...but I am hoping 2012 will be one of your best years!!
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PostSubject: Re: Happy New Year!   January 4th 2012, 6:55 am

Happy New Year, honeybee - here's to a bright 2012!!

Happy Fall, y'all!
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PostSubject: Re: Happy New Year!   

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Happy New Year!
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